VIDEO Police looking for man who hit teen mom and toddler with stolen minivan


Muskegon, Michigan – The Muskegon Police Department is on the hunt for a man who backed into a teen mother and her 1-year-old son in a stroller and then drove away.

They have released surveillance footage from the scene that shows the scary moment when the unidentified man backed out of an area gas mart, hit 18-year-old Aireanna Currier and her son Elijah and then drove away in a stolen minivan.

In addition, they have released images from inside the mart of the man in hopes that it will aid in catching the criminal.

The hit and run happened back on June 25. Currier told Wood8, “I was leaving and I assumed they were coming out right after me, but they still ended up backing into me. It was really scary because I though I was going to lose my son. If I hadn’t been able to grab him, I don’t think he would be here because they were going pretty fast dragging him.”

In the video you can see young Elijah’s stroller get caught underneath the back bumper of the van. He’s drug for a few feet before the driver stops just long enough to allow Currier the time to get him unbuckled before the van sped off.

Here are photos of the man that police are identifying as the van’s driver:


This is the second video to go viral in the last couple of weeks from the town of Muskegon as we previously reported on the incredible story of Julia Merfeld, who was caught trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband.

Police have since located the van but are still looking for the man responsible. Anyone who has knowledge on his identity and whereabouts are asked to contact 231.72.CRIME (722-7463).

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