VIDEO PHOTOS Icelandic beauty queen that busted Whitey Bulger

Anna Bjornsdottir The Sword and the Sorceror

Whitey Bulger was #1 on the F.B.I.’s Most Wanted List until he got busted at the age of 81 living in Santa Monica, California with his long time girlfriend. His legacy was larger than life back in Boston and since his arrest, the man who’s been labeled as a Robin Hood figure by some has been indicted for 19 murders. His apprehension made national headlines and now the woman, Anna Bjornsdottir, who was finally able to identify Whitey has received her $2 million reward for leading the authorities to Bulger.

In a story that is more Hollywood than Jack Nicholson’s character from the film Departed, which was loosely based on Whitey, the crime boss was brought down by a former Icelandic beauty queen, model, b-movie and commercial actress Anna Bjornsdottir. This comely blond went by the more Americanized name of Anna Bjorn and was at one time a highly sought out model.

Anna Bjornsdottir busted Whitey Bulger

I managed to unearth a clip from the 1974 Miss Universe Parade of Nations in which Anna Bjorn introduces herself. Here’s the wonderful classic clip featuring host Bob Barker. The Icelandic beauty who brought down Whitey makes her appearance at the 4:58 mark:

Anna was living in the same apartment complex as Bulger and his girlfriend Catherine Greig and befriended the couple when she helped the latter take care of a stray cat. Anna was vacationing back in her old ice-boot stomping grounds of Reykjavik, Iceland earlier this year when she saw a news blurb about Bulger and contacted authorities.

Anna Bjornsdottir 1974 Whitey Bulger

Thanks to this beauty queen’s tip, Bulger and Greig were arrested in that very apartment in June, where they had $822,000 in cash hidden in the walls along with your standard notorious bad dude stash of grenades, about 30 guns, other weapons (and possibly a stray cat).

Here’s one more parting shot of Anna, from a brief appearance on the 80’s show Remington Steele:

Anna Bjornsdottir Remington Steele

Life is always stranger than fiction.

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