VIDEO PHOTOS The “explosive” scene from Breaking Bad Season 4 finale

Gus Fring loses half his face in Season 4 finale

That is what eventually happens to a man who messes with Heisenberg!

The tension and drama that escalated between the disturbingly calm and collected drug kingpin Gustavo Fring and his master meth cook Walter White came to a violent conclusion for Season 4’s finale of Breaking Bad. Fans of the show are going to be talking about the following scene for years as Walter played a desperate bell-ringing card and managed to do the seemingly impossible, draw on Gus’ emotions and draw him into a trap.

Considering the likelihood that AMC will hunt the above clip down and disappear it like it was one of Gus’ cartel enemies, I have pulled a few caps for posterity.

Gustavo Fring Season 4 finale
Bomb explodes on Gustavo Fring – Breaking Bad

Gustavo Fring realizes he's been bested by Walter White
Gustavo Fring first realizes Walter White bested him – Breaking Bad

Gustavo Fring screams before his death
Gus Fring screams for his life just before he’s killed – Breaking Bad

Gus Fring killed
Gus Fring adjusts his tie with half of his face missing – Breaking Bad

Gud Fring killed by Walter White
Gruesome image of Gus Fring’s face half blown away – Breaking Bad

Gus Fring face melted half off
Gustavo Fring killed – Breaking Bad

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