VIDEO Man pretends to shoot firefighter in rookie hazing gone wrong

Macon, Georgia is the proud home of Little Richard, The Allman Brothers Band and Otis Redding. It’s also now the proud location for one of the most ill thought out firefighter hazing pranks of all time.

The Macon Bibb Fire Department is currently investigating a hoax involving what appeared to be a masked and armed man scaring the absolute crap out of rookie members of Fire Station 108. In the following clip that will sure to become a, “What not to do when you’re hazing” training video, a masked man rampages the station wielding a gun.

At one point this faking masked assailant takes a man out of the vision of the other firefighters who are laying on the floor pleading for their lives and pretends to shoot him, including the very real sound of gun fire.

The video concludes with an actual credit role that states where it was filmed and who starred in this piece of YouTube insanity. Here’s a cap of that credit:

According to WMAZ out of Macon, Fire Chief Marvin Riggins saw the video for the first time Monday morning and will investigate. The Mayor’s spokesman Clay Murphey verified that the names in the credits seen above are all employees of the fire department.

Sgt. Sean DeFoe with the Sherriff’s department is also investigating the video and circumstances to see if any crimes were committed. As of this post no formal complaints have been filed and no one reported a crime.

I think we can all at least agree this was a crime of extremely poor judgment.

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