VIDEO Octomom shows off her new crib, tells us how she keeps it clean

Octomom Nadya Suleman shows off her Palmdale home

Nadya Suleman aka Octomom is movin’ on up. The mother of 14 has found a new 5,000-square-foot home in Palmdale, California, and she loves it. In fact, she’s taking extra precautions to make sure it stays in tip-top condition, unlike her last home that was destroyed by her kids. Nadya is taking us inside her new crib and sharing all the rules that come along with it.

Nadya, who has stripped and done porn to ensure her family’s financial stability, is proud of her new pad — especially the bedrooms. “No more mattresses on the floor. All the boys, six boys of the eight have their own beds — bunk beds,” she tells Rumorfix. “I’ve chosen to keep the plastic on in case of an accident. I’ve potty-trained all of them before three.”

Inside Nadya Suleman aka Octomom's Palmdale home

Another favorite place of hers is the kitchen. “I love the kitchen,” she says. “Most of the time, I’m here barefoot and cooking.” Only problem? The refrigerator doesn’t hold enough food for her large family, so she plans to invest in a second one in the near future.

“Nothing has been destroyed yet. My secret? No crayons, no markers allowed in the home.” The kids are also restricted to eating only in the kitchen and they have to clean up after themselves. They even have to make their own beds.

While Nadya brags about her new furtiture in the video, we can’t help but notice the lack of decor in her home. The only place that has toys is the family room which is pictured above. The bedrooms have beds, but not much else, and the “monkey-themed bathroom” has a monkey towel and monkey sticker but the rest is bare. Sure, she just moved in, but get the kids a dresser or two.

Either way, she’s really cracking the whip when it comes to keeping the place clean which is a good sign, especially after seeing what happened to their last home.