VIDEO New SNL castmate Jenny Slate starts the new season off with an “F-Bomb”


Jenny Slate had an explosive debut on SNL last night thanks to an F-bomb. During a skit with Kristen Wiig as a trashy biker chick, she accidentally replaced the FCC approved word “frickin” with the real thing! She immediately puffed out her cheeks when she realized what she’d done. Wiig didn’t miss a beat, she kept the skit going as if millions of people weren’t already uploading the clip to Youtube, and trying to channel 1950 so they could feel shocked and appalled.

Here’s what Jenny said:

“You frickin’ just threw an ashtray full of butts at my head. You know what, you stood up for yourself and I f-cking love you for that.”

Lots of news anchors are speculating that last night will be Jenny’s first and last episode, but Lorne Michaels would be stupid to fire her now. She’s the only person who’s gotten SNL any interest since Justin Timberlake. This is the best thing that could have happened to Jenny’s career; people now know her name and might tune in to watch the coma-inducing show just to see if she’ll slip up again.

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Watch Jenny below:

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