VIDEO Mom of six boys flips out when she learns she’s having their first girl

Cher Lair Girl Gender Reveal

Oh boy girl! Cher Lair, the mother of six boys, didn’t believe her eyes during her recent gender reveal party when she learned she is having her first girl.

“Initially, on baby three and four I’m thinking ‘They’ll be a girl at some point. They can’t all be boys.’ But after four and five and six, you’re kinda thinking, ‘Yeah they can,'” the North Carolina mom told ABC 11 after the video of her reaction went viral.

The video, filmed by Cher’s friend who baked the pink cake, was posted on YouTube on Tuesday and already has more than 350,000 views — and for good reason! Check out Cher’s stunned reaction upon slicing open the dessert.

Cher said she’s a bit nervous to introduce a girl into their “boy house,” but is excited for all the milestones she’ll get to share with a daughter.

“I want to have that mommy-daughter thing, to take her to Cinderella, for pedicures and manicures, and shop for a prom dress,” Cher said. “I’ve wanted that… We are happy we got exactly what we were supposed to get with all these six and with a girl.”

The older brothers’ opinions are a bit more mixed.

“I ran out the door,” 5-year-old Houston Lair said. “I’m sick of girls.”

Nine-year-old Campbell Lair is a bit more excited, saying, “I like my brothers but I’m tired of all the dirt piles.”

Baby Girl Lair is due in August. Before then, Cher said she and husband Stephen Lair need to get to work on brainstorming girl names, as they haven’t yet picked one.

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