As Bobbi Kristina Brown remains on life support, family member said they ‘don’t know the answer’

Bobbi Kristina Brown Sparkle Premiere

No matter how small the chance of recovery may be, the Brown and Houston families are still holding onto hope for Bobbi Kristina Brown.

“It’s on our mind, what we should do,” a family member told People this week. “We don’t know the answer.”

The 22-year-old has been on life support and in a medically induced coma ever since she was discovered unresponsive in a bathtub on January 31. Doctors attempted to life Bobbi Kristina out of a medically induced coma in February, but she reacted with violent seizures and has remained in the coma ever since. She was moved to an undisclosed rehabilitation facility for continuing care in March.

Around the time of her move, Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother (and Whitney Houston’s mother) Cissy Houston acknowledged there is “not a great deal of hope,” but they continue to pray for a miracle.

“I give it to God one time. I know He’s able,” Cissy said. “I cannot change a thing. I’m asking everybody, pray to the Lord who we know can do something about it.”

For now, the family member told People they are taking the situation day by day and likely won’t make any decisions until there are signs Bobbi Kristina’s condition is deteriorating further.

“You have to put yourself in Bobby’s position,” the family insider said. “If there was a 1% chance that she was in there, wouldn’t you wait? Your daughter would deserve that.”

Bobby Brown with daughter Bobbi Kristina for Fathers' Day 2014

The source said the families agree they will not allow finances to force their hands.

“Bobby is not thinking about the money and never has been,” the insider said. “We want to think that Pat and Gary [Houston] aren’t thinking about the money, either. We all want what’s best for Krissy, and that has never changed. It doesn’t matter if she has $20 million or $2 in the bank. We love her and want her to recover.”

Unfortunately, TMZ reported today that Bobby Brown may be forced to leave his post at Bobbi Kristina’s bedside this summer to fulfill his contractual obligations in Australia. The shows were originally scheduled for March 2015, but the promoters reportedly say they can’t push the performances any farther back than this summer, regardless of Bobbi Kristina’s condition.

“He doesn’t care or want to do it,” the relative told People. “It’s more important to him that he spends his time with Krissy. So we’ll see what happens.”

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