VIDEO: Miley Cyrus has got an under aged lap dancing virus, her lucky recipient – a 44 year old gay producer Adam Shankman!

Miley Cyrus in Can't Be Tamed video

Scandalous: A 16 year old Miley Cyrus getting crunk with an eye-popping lap dance.  Not so scandalous: With a gay 44 year old producer named Adam Shankman at a wrap party for The Last Dance.  It looks like Cyrus, who recently spread her sexy wings in a new hormone charged video, Can’t Be Tamed, had her own idea in mind for what that “last dance” would be.

Here is the video in all its rump shaking glory:

Her old man Achy Breaking Billy Ray ain’t got nothing on his little princess when it comes to hip swiveling hotness.  TMZ was told that the folks who filmed the Miley grind-house were offended by the overtly suggestive dancing between a 16 year old girl and an openly gay 44 year old man.  Please note that this did take place in Georgia, a state where they are working on a law to prevent the implanting of microchips into one’s skin without permission.

Miley’s parents were not at this little throw down at the “love shack” (TIN ROOF RUSTED!).  Her publicist had nothing to say about the whole sordid event.  It looks like our little Miley has been growing up and getting down for some time now.