Leighton Meester bikini photo from Twitter

Leighton Meester bikini photo posted on Twitter

Leighton Meester took time out from promoting her successful new film The Roommate to remind us that underneath all of her many eccentric fashion statements is what bloggers would call a bangin’ bikini bod!

According to Hollywood Tuna, Leighton tweeted this photo of herself in a teeny tiny black and white geometric patterned bikini along with a dude, a woman, a dog and the quintessential backyard party guy. Seeing this photo makes the plot of The Roommate a lot more plausible – I mean, who wouldn’t wanna be her?!?

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Gossip Girl Leighton Meester tweeted this bikini photo of herself

I tried to locate the original tweet but I couldn’t find a trace of it online, so I’m a little suspicious of the provenance of the picture. Is there anybody out there that can verify this was posted by Leighton or maybe who the other folks are in the photo? (The guy standing beside her looks famous and if so I’m sure I should know who he is, but I’m not nearly as good with putting male celebrity faces to names.)

UPDATE – According to some of our commenters this is an older photo that has been floating around for a couple years and it wasn’t recently tweeted by Leighton, or ever tweeted by Leighton for that matter. I suppose the most important parts of the article are correct though – it is Leighton Meester and she is in a bikini!

Here’s a parting glimpse of “quintessential backyard party guy” – could he be any more perfect?