VIDEO Lacrosse halftime show features a lap dance contest

This could easily be labeled, “Selling lacrosse tickets.  You’re doing it wrong.”

At Saturday night’s home opener for the Boston Blazers, a professional lacrosse team, the halftime festivities included a sexually supercharged promotion.  Three ladies in heels and short skirts lined up and took turns performing lap dances on the team’s mascot Scorch in a too hot for the jumbotron adult contest.  America is a land of many wonders but I would bet that not much compares to sitting in your seat at halftime and watching a couple of chicks grind on a mascot.  What!?!

Here’s the video that, of course, also features a couple of young boys taking their seat to enjoy the entertainment:

As you can imagine many of the fans who attended the Blazers game seeking out family entertainment were none too pleased with the halftime show turned Snoop Dogg video.  Complaints began rolling in and the ownership of the Blazers released an official statement promising change:

The Boston Blazers half time act for Saturday’s game was clearly not executed according to plan. We are extremely disappointed with elements of the halftime show.  We had intended to provide an entertaining and fun halftime environment for our fans and that is not what transpired. The Boston Blazers organization values our fans and have taken their feedback very seriously.  We have already taken steps to ensure this never happens again at one of our games. Over the past three seasons the Blazers have worked to bring our fans a terrific sports and entertainment value.  We are committed to our community involvement in Boston and dedicated to our fans. We will re-double our efforts to ensure a great experience at all future Blazers games.

I’ve heard some pretty amazing sports halftime show stories but this is the best.  Do you have any that can top this adult themed goof up?