PHOTOS: Friar Tim (Tebow) gets all hyperbaric up in his hotel room

Tim “Friar Tuck” Tebow is known for being a straight laced conservative goody-goody momma’s boy but that hasn’t stopped him from getting all hyperbaric up in his hotel room!  The above gem of a Twitter photo is of Denver’s first round QB getting a hyperbaric chamber installed at his part-time digs for training camp.

TMZ is reporting that Tebow has been using the chamber for over two years to help him recover from bumps, bruises and injuries.  He had the chamber shipped up to Denver from Florida but needed Tim the hyperbaric guy to help set it up.  Here is the tweet from Pike’s Peak’s Twitter page:

That had to be pretty exciting for those guys but according to our Tim Tebow game day flow chart the boys at Pike’s Peak probably shouldn’t get too caught up in all the hyperbaric hyperbole.  Now if it can grow back some of Tebow’s hair they might be on to something!

Of course no Tebow post would be complete without having to mention something really thoughtful and kind thing that he did for the people that helped him.  So here is another photo that was tweeted by the chamber maids of a jersey that Tim personally signed for them.  Darn you Friar Tim!

Hey Denver fans, do you think Elway ever slept in a hyperbaric chamber? Nah, that dude just won Super Bowls!