VIDEO Kim Kardashian gives details about summer wedding in Paris

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Paris

Kim Kardashian sat down with Kanye West’s former temporary enemy Jimmy Kimmel last night and revealed details in regards to her wedding plans.

The 33-year-old told Kimmel, “We will be getting married this summer, hopefully, in Paris. We love it there. It’s our second home. We spend so much time there, we have an apartment there. We really love it. I’m not telling you where or the date, but I think it’s kind of obvious it’s in Paris.”

When Kimmel asked her who was more involved, her or Kanye West, in the plans for their big day she answered:

“Kanye really cares and he’s really passionate about it, so it makes my job so much easier. He knows what he wants and I love that about him. We’re kind of taking different roles. He’ll take care of the music and I’ll take care of seating chart. So we’re making it really easy on each other.”

Kim added that she intends on taking Kanye’s name and will go by “Kim Kardashian West.”

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