VIDEO Jill Zarin says shapewear helps “normalize” the bodies of teenage girls

Jill Zarin has put her foot in her mouth — is anyone surprised? As fans of Real Housewives of New York know, this former reality star has her own shapewear line Skweez Couture. Some might think that the brand is aimed at 40-something women who are beginning to lose their shape, but according to Jill, the brand isn’t aimed at any age in particular and every woman, even teens, should be wearing her product.

Although it may be shocking for most to think that teenagers are now flocking to shapewear to help with their figures, Jill isn’t phased and admits that her own daughter, Ally Zarin, began wearing Spanx at age 13. “Nobody wants to see anybody’s body parts rippling — it’s just not attractive,” she reasons.

Ally Zarin talks shapewear

Jill even admits to developing Skweeze Couture with teenagers in mind. “They’ve been selling like wildfire. We can’t keep them is stock,” she says of her line. Jill, who in addition to wearing shapewear is also rumored to have gone under the knife, adds that shapewear “normalizes” and evens out teens’ bodies.

Ally is also speaking out about shapewear, saying it is “necessary” for teens. “Shapewear is the must-have accessory for every teenager starting in middle school, high school, and throughout college.”

Shapewear Symptoms

Doctors worry this trend is impacting people’s bodies negatively, especially growing teens. Shapewear puts unnatural pressure on certain areas of the body, pushing on nerves, and squeezing the internal organs. Among the reported cases of shapewear damage are bladder infections, gastrointestinal problems, and nerve damage.

Here’s the video filed by GMA featuring Jill. In the clip girls ages 13-17 also explain why they wear a version called “Spankies” and how they help with the unacceptable look of “muffin tops.”

Teens can also be affected mentally by using products such as Jill’s Skweeze Couture. When girls resort to shapewear at such a young age, it sets them up for long-term self-image issues and even eating disorders.

The moral of the story = Think before you Spanx.

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