Details on Aviva Drescher’s $25,000 artificial leg. Oh, and her other one too!

Aviva Drescher's artificial leg photo

In the Season 5 Premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City, new cast member Aviva Drescher went with Sonja Morgan for a pedicure, where she revealed that she not only has an artificial leg (stemming from a traumatic childhood accident in a barn), but she has two of them – one for high heels and one for flats! And she has to bring them both along any time she gets a pedicure so that all fifteen of her toes match! (Makes perfect sense – I just never thought bout it before.)

Here’s the clip:

“I can change it in 10 seconds,” Drescher reveals to Life & Style. “A few times I’ve forgotten to bring my flat leg to the Hamptons – so I’m walking on tippy toes all weekend!”

Photo of Aviva Drescher's articial lef prosthetic

Aviva also revealed that, like lots of women, she watches her weight, but not just to maintain her great figure. Her customized limbs will no longer fit if she loses or gains more than 8 pounds!

It’s obvious that Aviva hasn’t let the loss of her leg limit her ability to live a full life, but how limiting is it physically? “Physically I can do anything,” says Drescher, who cycles and works out while wearing her leg five times a week.

Real Housewives of New York City Aviva Drescher artificial leg

Aviva’s prosthetic limb is cast from a mold of her right leg (so I guess you could say it is Aviva’s newest “cast member”) and cost approximately $25,000. (In the article it is unclear if that is for both her flats and high heels versions combined, or $25,000 each) Aviva estimates she has 50 different legs since her accident.

All of the artificial extremities aside (which is something The Real Housewives of New York City was cursed with last season, if you ask me), Aviva made quite the impression in the premiere! She was elegant, classy, attractive, and damned smart – I think I am going to greatly enjoy watching her reactions to all the wacky antics of The Big Apple gals this season!

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