VIDEO Jenelle Evans records explosive argument with Nathan Griffith

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 viewers saw Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend Nathan Griffith get into a heated argument with Jenelle’s mom Barba Evans, with Nathan going so far as to blame Barbara for getting her daughter addicted to heroin. Well it seems that wasn’t the only time the usually mild-mannered Nathan has had a blow up — check out this expletive-laden video clip of Nathan yelling at Jenelle which was allegedly recorded in January when she was four months pregnant.

***WARNING*** This is not MTV and the F-bombs have not been bleeped out!

UPDATE – Well poop! That video got deleted! Here it is again:

The clip was uploaded to Youtube yesterday. It’s unclear who “leaked” it online.

According to Radar Online, the altercation happened after Jenelle caught Nathan talking to an ex. Here’s a transcript of their heated conversation:

NATHAN GRIFFITH: …dude! I haven’t been in trouble for five years! Just because you are Jenelle Evans, I get in trouble with the f**king law.

JENELLE EVANS: Oh I’m sorry, you break the law and it’s your fault.

NATHAN: Dude! Check it out! I haven’t been in trouble for 5 years.

JENELLE: You be — you talkin’…

NATHAN: I catch hate on f**king Twitter and f**king Facebook because you’re Jenelle Evans. I have to put up with that sh!t.

JENELLE: And guess what? My…


JENELLE: Whatever. See, I can’t even talk.

NATHAN: I don’t want you to. I don’t want to be with you.

JENELLE: Then leave me alone.


JENELLE: Leave me alone.


JENELLE: Get the f**k out of my face.

NATHAN: I don’t have to because this is my house, not yours. It’s my f**cking house.

JENELLE: Yeah, whatever, even though that’s my bed, that’s all my sh!t in the kitchen.


JENELLE: The only thing you have is two couches, dude.

NATHAN: Leave, please.

JENELLE: That’s all you have.

NATHAN: But guess what Jenelle? I’ve done it since 18 and my life hasn’t been handed to me since I was 15 b!tch.

JENELLE: Ok, and?

NATHAN: You don’t even, like I said, you put up with so much sh!t that you don’t see the sh!t you’re doing wrong. And it pisses me off.

JENELLE: I didn’t do anything wrong.

NATHAN: You f**king lie and you f**king be like ok , maybe I did have the story backwards and then you say, ‘Oh, you’re interrupting!’ You act like a f**king b!tch to your kid. You don’t grow the f**k up dude!

JENELLE: You got mad because I said, ‘You’re interrupting me can you please stop?’ And you’re like ‘You’re lying, you’re lying, you’re lying’ and you flipped out!

NATHAN: I did not yell. Did not yell.

JENELLE: You’re yelling now for no reason.

NATHAN: I’m yelling now because you’re an annoying b!tch.

JENELLE: Oh, but that’s OK? But that’s OK?

NATHAN: You act like yourself.

JENELLE: You’re allowed to yell but I can’t?

NATHAN: You stop — You stop in the middle…

JENELLE: You can yell but I can’t?

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