VIDEO Hero Ryan Gosling breaks up street fight (swoon)

Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyong the Pines

Ryan Gosling’s power is growing daily and his ability to remain calm, cool and collected in tense situations was on full display as the latest “it guy” in Hollywood broke up a street fight while his heroism was caught on camera.

The scene that Super-Gosling walked into involved something you would only see in the NYC. Two grown ass men were fighting over a painting in the East Village as random New Yorkers that do not have the Ryan G-juice just watched, helpless to do anything about the situation. A couple of those on the scene tried to be Gosling-like but were unsuccessful. Anger mounted until Gosling broke in and healed the hearts and minds of those who at first felt hate but soon after their RG encounter knew only love. Check it out!

A tanked and gun show sporting Gosling calmly strolls over, drops his groceries and restrains one of the combatants not in a grossly physical way but in a, “Hey I’m Gosling, the dude from Crazy, Stupid, Love and I understand the pains of the world. Feel my touch and understand that through peace and trust we shall all persevere.”

According to the chick (who appropriately lost her mind when she realized it was Gosling) that was filming the scene, Ryan asked the young man what the problem was and gave him $20 for his troubles. The problems were resolved and once again Gotham’s streets were saved thanks to the Light Knight.

Photo: Splashnews

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