VIDEO Florida couple surprises family and friends with a very big secret about their pregnancy: they gave birth to twins


For couples ready to expand their family, the news of a baby on the way is often a joyous time to share with family and friends. However, Korey and Sharon Rademacher decided to keep one very important detail of their pregnancy a secret: they were expecting twins!

Twins 2

While the couple knew they were expecting doubles, they did not to find out their gender. Imagine the surprise when family and friends visited Sharon in the hospital to learn if the new baby was a boy or a girl only to discover there were two instead of one.


The sneaky couple, who gave birth to their twin girls on March 12th in Florida, video taped their family and friend’s reactions to the jaw-dropping news. Check out the adorable clip that will keep you smiling until the very end.

Do you think you could keep that kind of secret?

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