Amber Portwood furious over reactions to photo of Leah in bed with Andrew Glennon

Amber Portwood daughter Leah in bed with Andrew Glennon in New Year's Eve Instagram photo

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood is kicking off 2018 being angry as she lashes out at Instagram commenters who thought her photo of her daughter Leah chilling out with her boyfriend Andrew Glennon on New Year’s Eve was inappropriate.

“Bringing in the New Years right with healthy food lol,” Amber captioned the photo above, in which Leah looks to be holding some sort of edible item as Andrew highlights it with his cell phone light. (Unless there is a new smartphone cooking app I’m not aware of? ? ) “Happy New Years everyone!” Amber continues. “Sending all our love from my little growing family to yours!??”

Some commenters reacted to the photo by suggesting that it was inappropriate, and that SERIOUSLY riled up mama bear Amber! “Anybody saying ignorant uncalled for things can go F**K YOURSELF!” she wrote. She returned to express her outrage more succinctly:

Anybody saying this is weird needs to look at themselves. You are f**king disgusting if your head goes straight to filth. We are a happy and loving family. We don’t need ignorant people commenting on our pictures which is why I don’t post pictures! Leah thought this picture was cute and funny and I would hate for her to see these comments!!

Amber, who is currently pregnant with her second child, decided that the negativity deserved its own reaction post, so she shared a photo of Mr. Rogers giving the middle finger and continued her take on the negativity:

Anyone with rude and obscene comments can f**k off!! I share my life and family with you all however that doesn’t mean I need everyone’s ignorant opinions! It’s sad when my 9 year old thinks a picture is funny and cute and I can’t even post it without f**ked up comments from ignorant people. I have an amazing daughter and a loving and brilliant man. Andrew is a kind hearted loving man and takes good care of his new growing family! Send love not hate!!?

At some point, it seems that Amber remembered to acc-ent-u-ate the positive as she returned to Instagram and Twitter with a slightly more positive vibe:

Amber Portwood Happy 2018 tweet

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