Paris Hilton’s house got robbed by party crashers


Paris Hilton, who was a primary target of the infamous “Bling Ring” burglars a few years ago, confirmed that her house was robbed again via Twitter. “I have bad luck when it comes to thieves… They tried to steal my new collection of @PHpurses from my Malibu house,” she said.

The attempted heist went down during a huge party Paris threw at her Malibu home before she jetted off to Ibiza. According to TMZ, a group of girls Paris didn’t know crashed the party and snuck into Paris’ bedroom to ransack her purses and bikinis, and other personal items. They reportedly got scared when someone saw them and ran away, leaving the stuff they took on the side of the road.

A valet found everything and called the police, but no report was filed. It certainly sounds like these girls had probably seen Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring which features scenes of the teenage burglars luxuriating in Paris’ closet, trying on all her stuff. They were able to sneak into Paris’ house several times and took millions of dollars worth of stuff, including jewelry. They got in with a key Paris kept under her doormat back then, but no doubt Paris has beefed up her home security since then.

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