VIDEOS Dog survives heroic rescue, then bites anchor woman in the face

Dog Gladiator Maximus or Max bites news anchor Kyle Dyer in the face

On Tuesday helicopter cameras caught the dramatic rescue of Gladiator Maximus, an 85-pound Argentine mastiff who had fallen through the ice at the Kendrick Reservoir in Lakewood, Colorado after reportedly chasing a coyote. A brave diver from the West Metro Fire Department braved the cold waters and helped the dog regain his footing and escape with his life.

The feel-good story was short-lived however, as Gladiator Maximus made a live appearance on 9News Wednesday morning. The pooch seemed to be enjoying the attention he was receiving from anchor Kyle Dyer when she decided to press her luck and put her face right next to the dog.

Paramedics were called and Dyer had to be rushed to a hospital for reconstructive surgery. Animal control was also called and Gladiator Maximus was reportedly taken to an animal shelter in Denver where he is being “quarantined.”

9News reports: “Doug Kelley, the director of Denver Animal Care and Control, says Max’s owner will be cited for three things: because the dog bit someone, for a leash-law violation because the owner did not have control of the dog at all times, and for not having Max vaccinated for rabies.”

“The dog bite accident that happened [Wednesday] at 9NEWS was unfortunate and certainly not expected based on what we knew about the dog and his owner. Our goal was to unite the owner with the rescuer for a nice segment. We are all thinking of Kyle and her recovery,” Vice President of News at 9NEWS Patti Dennis said on Wednesday. “We love Kyle and what she and her family do for this community. We also love animals and will continue to do all we can to use 9NEWS to improve animal welfare in Colorado.”

UPDATE – “After undergoing extensive medical treatment, Kyle was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon.

“Kyle is in good spirits, despite not being able to talk due to her injuries. She is, however, scurrily writing down messages and tapping away on an iPad to make sure everyone knows how appreciative she is of their love and support. She is up and walking around, which the doctors say will help in her recovery process.”

And here is an update on Max:

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