VIDEO 3 teens break into home, mom with assault rifle ain’t got time for that

Don't Mess With Momma

On Monday night a Detroit mother opened fire on 3 teens who busted down her door in an attempt to burglarize her home and the ordeal was caught on surveillance video.

The mom, who wished to remain unidentified, had two small children in the home at the time of the burglary. As soon as the punks entered she warned them that she was carrying. “I let them know I had a gun once they were in the house,” she told WXYZ.

The trio of teen criminals flashed bravado challenging the mom on her claim that she was packing. She added, “They said no you don’t so I shot off the first round.”

Here’s footage from the scene as the 3 hooligans are first seen busting in the door. A shot is heard and they’re seen fleeing the premises. While outside two of the teens run away as the other assailant drops a hand gun in the snow. He rethinks that decision – picks his weapon back up and briefly tries to reenter the home. The mom then fired another warning shot, causing them all to run out of sight of the cameras:

The mom’s husband had purchased his wife the rifle just two weeks prior in order to protect his family from this exact kind of horrific incident. He said, “If I hadn’t prepared my wife for this kind of situation, I could have come home to a family that was gone.”

Detroit Police were able to make quick work of apprehending the three criminals. Two of them face charges while a third was out on bond. Police Chief James Craig said that the mother did the right thing in this circumstance highlighting the fact that she even warned the crooks that she was armed and they still attempted to invade her domicile.

One of the kids, a daughter, told the protective mother, “Oh no mommy, I don’t want them to take my piggy bank or my toys.” Thankfully that, or something much worse, didn’t happen.

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