Former MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT cast member Jonathan Francetic is dating one of the show’s experts after divorce

Things didn’t work out for Married at First Sight Season Six cast member Jonathan Francetic when he married Molly Duff, but he has found love on the show after all with one of his marriage counselors. A few weeks ago Jonathan confirmed his relationship with psychologist Dr. Jessica Griffin on Instagram.

Jonathan’s season of Married at First Sight aired earlier this year, but he and Molly split during filming last year. Molly did not feel attracted to Jonathan, and ultimately decided to divorce him.

For months there’s been speculation online about Jonathan and Dr. Jessica potentially dating because the two would often make social media updates from the exact same locations at the same time. This June Jonathan posted a photo that appeared to be the two of them on a hike together, but he soon took the pic down.

Since Jessica was a marriage counselor for Jonathan, online critics have questioned the ethics of the two dating. Jonathan responded in length to one person’s concerns on one of Jessica’s Instagram photos.

“I rarely reply to people I don’t know, but given your persistence let me put your mind at ease — I completely agree that those ethical codes exist for a reason,” he wrote.

“And should you wish to try and have her license taken I only ask that you show up to the board hearing where my contract (the contents of which you have never read, seen, or know anything about) will be shown as evidence.

“When you are educated on why a client/patient relationship cannot exist (hint: confidentiality means it’s not broadcast on national television) then I’m sure you will have no choice but to admit defeat in this situation,” he explained. “Also, if you believe that we did not research the ethical codes you previously sited before pursuing anything, then clearly you’re not giving our intelligence enough credit. But thank you for your concerns, happy Monday.”

Sounds like Jonathan and Dr. Jessica have their bases covered!

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor