MUG SHOT Jethro Tull arrested for alleged DUI

Mugshot Jethro Tull

And now for today’s installment of “It Happened in Florida” and “Dudes With Rock Band and Old Country Duo Names” mug shot news…

According to *, Homer Jethro Tull was arrested in Tallahassee on Friday, March 15 for suspicion of DUI Alcohol Or Drugs 1st Offense and was booked into the Leon County Jail.

This is total conjecture, but it’s possible Jethro Tull was just jamming out to Aqualung on cassette and got distracted by one of Ian Anderson’s awesome flute solos. Not to be “Living In the Past,” but I wanted to let you know that Jethro Tull was released on the same day. Hopefully he did not smell of “Locomotive Breath.”

For those who may not be familiar and are wondering what I meant by old country duos, back in the 40’s through 60’s the combo of Henry D. Haynes and Kenneth C. Burns, performing as Homer and Jethro, gained popularity for doing their own Weird Al Yankovic satirical-style mash ups of popular hits. The “Thinking Man’s Hillbillies” are Grammy award winners and members of country music’s hall of fame.

Here’s H&T performing “I Miss My Wife’s Cooking (Whenever I Can).”

*Props to loyal Starcasm reader T$ for the heads up and for allowing me the opportunity to drop the first and perhaps only bad Jethro Tull joke we’ll ever feature.