Jersey Housewife Melissa Gorga does some stripper rumor bud nippin’

New jersey Housewife Melissa Gorga

New Jersey Housewife Melissa Gorga has been adamant in defending her position that she was never a stripper during her employment at Lookers Gentleman Club in New Jersey. This is one of those dug up from the past Housewife stories that never seems to die but now it looks like Gorga is doing her best to kill it once and for all.

Melissa is now claiming that she can prove she didn’t strip by unearthing payroll records that list her as a barmaid. In addition she has a sworn affidavit from the club’s owner, Chris Kontos, in which he states that Gorga, “worked solely as a bartender.” This means if a video or photo surfaced of Gorga stripping at his club dude could be held legally liable.

Furthermore, Melissa has sought the services of attorney James L. Leonard Jr. who informed TMZ that:

“At this time we are aggressively pursuing the commencement of litigation against any and all individuals, in any jurisdiction, who have or continue to disseminate false statements against Melissa Gorga.”

In summary:

-> There are no images or anything that directly show Melissa stripping as a has been accused and in this modern day of internet leaks that alone is pretty solid.

-> The club owner has sworn that Melissa never took her clothes off for his establishment.

-> Melissa has payroll information that shows she was compensated as a barmaid.

-> She’s willing to go after folks who would claim otherwise legally which if the allegations of a stripper past were true would put her at serious risk.

Until I see a photo or video of Gorga stripping, in my opinion Gorgagate can officially be closed.

Photo: Rob Rich / Splash News

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