VIDEO Buffalo Bills fan falls from third deck to second deck

Buffalo Bills Fan - NY Jets Game

During Sunday’s NFL match between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets, one terrifying event drew attention away from the field: A fan fell from the third deck to the second deck, where he landed on another fan.

The Rural Metro ambulance service reported the man who fell sustained a shoulder injury. The man on the second level experienced a head injury. Both were transported to the hospital for observations, but are expected to recover.

Based on videos of the incident, the man on the third level was attempting to slide down the outer rail when he lost his stability and toppled over the edge. He appeared to fall one dozen or so feet before crashing onto the second level.

The scary event occurred during the second quarter and was accidentally captured on CBS’ cameras. A fan later zoomed in and posted a better video.

Names of the men involved were not immediately released. The Erie County Sheriffs should release a report today.

According to the Institute for the Study of Sports Incidents, more than two dozen fans have fallen at stadiums in the past decade. The most recent incident was in September when a San Francisco 49ers’ fan fell to his death from an elevated walkway.

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