VIDEO Justin Bieber gets handy with Ariana Grande during concert

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber sing together

Everyone in the audience at Ariana Grande’s concert in Los Angeles last night seemed thrilled when Justin Bieber unexpectedly took the stage for a few songs. At least, everyone except Ariana’s boyfriend, Big Sean.

While performing “Love Me Harder,” “Where Are U Now” and “As Long as You Love Me” together, Justin showed his affection for his old friend Ariana by picking her up in a hug (with hands wandering a bit below her back) and by wrapping his arms around her from behind.

Justin Bieber hugging Ariana Grande

Based on Ariana’s quick move to disentangle from Justin’s embrace at the end “As Long as You Love Me” — which originally features Big Sean — she wasn’t particularly comfortable. (That happens around the 4:06 mark.)

After the show, Big Sean, who was in the audience, made it clear he felt the same way as Ariana by tweeting a stern warning at Justin.

“Wow,” he simply wrote in the first of two now-deleted tweets. He then made his position more obvious, “This kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Beliebe that.”

Meanwhile, Justin didn’t seem fazed by Big Sean’s posts — instead just tweeting that he “loves the stage” and wants to get back to touring soon. He probably just shouldn’t expect Big Sean to join him for performances of “As Long as You Love Me.”

UPDATE TMZ is now backtracking by saying the Big Sean tweet they originally posted is actually a fake. A rep for him said he doesn’t have any problem with Justin and they remain good friends.

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