VIDEO Big Brother 12 Rachel and Ragan’s unedited verbal backyard brawl!

Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12

Yes you read that headline correctly – Rachel Reilly is back in the house! (Cue: “Who let the dog in? Whoo Whoowhoowhoowhoo!”)

From what the other houseguests have been saying it appears Brendon (as the new HoH) opened up Pandora’s Box and Rachel fell out! Well, fell back into the house. But take a chill pill all you Rachel haters – Elton John will only be singing “The Bitch Is Back” for 24 hours before Big Brother’s red-headed, ratings-generating, bikini-modeling drama machine goes back to the jury room. Or so the houseguests have been told!

Brendon is gone – possibly swapping out with Rachel in the jury room – for the 24 hours that Rachel is back in the house and we still don’t know what price he paid or deal he struck to bring Rachel back so who knows what will actually happen!

Anyways…. As you might imagine, having Raytch back in the house has been like poking a stick in a hornets’ nest! And there was no angrier hornet than the new Saboteur, Ragan, who was innocently working out in the backyard when Rachel came out and attempted to rile him up by offering him a cookie. (Thanks to Brendon, Ragan is a “have-not” this week so I’m assuming Rachel thought the cookie offer was pretty cruel.)

Ragan and Rachel fight it out in the backyard

Ragan interpreted Rachel’s “big, soft, gooey cookie” offer as a “homophobic innuendo” and that began a ten minute slamfest that had Ragan mopping the floor with Rachel’s pink extensions! My favorite lines from each:

Rachel: Nobody thinks you’re f***ing cool! Get with the program! You’re a gay guy that’s not even good at being gay!

Ragan: Your boobs are a lie, your face is a lie – the only thing honest about you are the pimples on your chin.


Here’s the complete video. It’s rather lengthy, but definitely worth watching the entire thing! Ragan overuses the terms “vile” and “disgusting” and his childish mocking hurt his game, but otherwise he was a sarcastic verbal buzzsaw and it was mighty entertaining watching Rachel willingly walk into it and then stick around for even more carnage! And don’t miss the very end! Ragan unleashes a brutally judgmental diatribe before turning around and reentering the house. Rachel is left standing there motionless for a loooooong time as Britney quietly plays pool without saying a word. The silence is deafening – and brilliant. (I think I’m falling in love with Britney.)

You can also watch the entire scene via the Flashback Feeds, just set it to 6:14pm BBT on August 14th, Camera 1.

And here are all the barbs exchanged between Rachel and Ragan. I edited some of it, but you’re not missing any of the good stuff!

Rachel: Hey Ragan I’m gonna make some really big, soft, gooey cookies do you want some?

Ragan: Rachel, you don’t intimidate me you repulse me. You’re a pathetic human being.

You’re about as classy as your nasty hair extensions, so you can take your homophobic innuendo and get the f*** out of my face.

Why don’t you go back to Forever 21 and return all of your clothing.

Rachel: Do you even know how to shop, Toby? Oh, I’m sorry. Because you look like Toby, because that pisses you off.

Ragan: Shoot for the roof, Rachel. You have a degree and you’re a waitress, get out of my face.

Britney doesn't notice Radhel's devastation
The lovely Britney playing pool, seemingly oblivious to Rachel’s oblivion.

Ragan: Rachel, everything about you is a lie. Your boobs are a lie, your face is a lie – the only thing honest about you is the pimples on your chin. You’re a wicked witch. Why don’t you get on your broom and fly back inside.

You’re a disgusting, repulsive human being, and America sees it now too. I can’t wait to watch every single episode of how vile and disgusting you are. I will press “play” and “rewind” and “pause” and just look at how disgusting you are, and I will get a year’s worth of love and joy from that. So go ahead, keep on talking Rachel.

Rachel: Is that why your family doesn’t want to talk to you? Is that why you don’t have a boyfriend?

Ragan: My dad, who is dead, doesn’t want to talk to me? OK.

Rachel: And I cry because I had to live in a house with someone as lame and such a loser that you are. Ragan! Nobody thinks you’re f***ing cool! Get with the program! You’re a gay guy that’s not even good at being gay!

Ragan: Can I get two rum and Cokes and a margarita?

I don’t know because I try to keep you out of my mind. You are a vile and disgusting human being.

Rachel: You are a worse vile and worse disgusting human being Ragan, and I have so many things I want to say to you but I’m not going to say on camera because I have more cuh-lass that that!

Ragan: Yes, when America looks at Rachel Reilly, “class” is the first thing that comes to mind.

Rachel: And when America looks at Ragan, being awesome and fabulous is definitely not something that they think.

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Ragan: I like your pink hair extensions with your nastily dyed hair.

Rachel: I love it to actually. And you know what else I love?

Ragan: What, the pimples on your chin?

Rachel: Yeah, I do love those too. Thanks.

Ragan: And you parrot face?

Rachel: My face looks like a parrot?

Ragan: Yes. You look like a nasty red parrot from hell.

You’re here for for a limited time because your boyfriend opened Pandora’s Box and unleashed something horrible in the house. Wake up!

Your days of bullying me are over. You’re a conniving, evil little witch and you got exactly what was coming to you.

You are absolutely disgusting. Talking to you is like talking to the most vile devil child in the world, and I’m done with it baby because I’m done with you! Because your game in this house is over.

If you’re going to try to come at me Rachel, do it a little bit quicker. In a battle of wits this is like me being an Olympic runner and you being – [cut off]

Everything that you’ve done in her has been such a vile, pathetic – “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!” Rachel, one day you will realize, you will get a modicum of class and you will realize that the attention that you want is not from negative behavior but by treating people with decency and respect. And if you think that you’re going to go through life running over people and treating them the way that you’ve treated everyone in this house, you have another thing coming. The minute you get out of that jury house I guarantee you you’re going to take a long hard look at yourself because everybody is going to treat you the same way that you’ve treated everybody in this house. You will get what is coming to you. Believe me, you are going to be so disgusted with yourself when you watch these episodes – so disgusted with yourself, as I am certain America is disgusted with you. I have never watched one person leave this house without a single person high fiving them. How many people high fived you Rachel? Done counting already? Take it as a tip and learn from it.

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