Do Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly and Natalie Martinez suffer from Voice Immodulation Syndrome?

Something hit me last night when the Big Brother House Guests were competing for an opportunity to kick back and watch the new Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberg movie The Other Guys. As Rachel sported a sexy officer outfit and belted out the instructions for the competition I was reminded of BB 11’s runner-up Natalie Martinez, my all time favorite SNL Will Ferrell character Jacob Silj and a certain disorder he had called Voice Immodulation Syndrome.

Here is how Silj explained Voice Immodulation Syndrome to Tina Fey during a taping of Weekend Update:

I suffer from voice immodulation Tina. I’m unable to control the pitch or volume of my voice. Also known as Van Horton’s Syndrome, VI is a recognized psycho-medical condition which you may have read about in Newsweek or Crack Magazine. Numerous prominent Americans suffer from this debilitating disease Tina, including the guy who played Rodge on “What’s Happening” and tennis great Pete Sampras.

And here is an extended clip of the brilliant skit:

Will Ferrell: Loud and Proud – Gay Pride by Magpie05

Ever since the completion of last season’s BB I was convinced that runner-up Natalie Martinez did not get the votes because of her inability, as Silj explained, to control the pitch and volume of her voice.  The jury house voters gave different explanations but subconsciously this had to be why Jeff coattail rider Jordan won.  Every interview room video with Natalie would make my ears retreat.  IT WOULD BE LIKE DOING AN ENTIRE BLOG POST IN CAPITAL LETTERS.


IT WAS… sorry.  It was difficult to revisit Natalie and her condition.  I thought that unpleasant experience would forever be behind me and my BB fandom but regretfully I am convinced there’s a new member of the Voice Immodulation Big Brother Club, Rachel Reilly.  Rachel’s “other assets” distracted me from this problem up until the most recent episode in which she went on and on about her HOH power and her dislike for g-string queen Kristen Bitting.  I trembled last night as I realized it was happening all over again, Big Brother had found another sufferer of Voice Immodulation Syndrome.

I submit for evidence the following clip of Rachel vamped up in her police officer outfit hosting last night’s competition.  As a bonus, the clip of Meow Meow, Brendon and Hayden making their way through the obstacle course is hilarious:

As each episode airs my admiration for Rachel’s hotness decreases while my irritation due to her voice immodulation increases. This is a terrible trend but one that I fear will not cease and desist anytime soon. If this keeps up I will actually have a difficult time enjoying clips like the following of her and Britney chilling in the bubble tub.  Rachel and Britney in the tub should equal awesome but then the shot flips to the interview room and THERE SHE GOES AGAIN:

Well maybe Rachel’s voice thing isn’t as bad as I thought because I Reilly really enjoyed that!  If you suffer from V.I.S. there is community support for you via this Facebook page.