VIDEO Being Maci reviews — plus, watch the full Being Maci MTV Special

Maci Bookout on Being Maci MTV

MTV’s long-anticipated (at least by us!) special Being Maci premiered on Sunday night to largely positive reviews from both loyal Teen Mom fans and casual viewers who happened to catch the show.

The show had a decidedly different vibe than Teen Mom. With still-motion sequences and story lines about the drama between Maci Bookout’s friends, the 40-minute special seemed more like an episode of The Hills than the series that originally made Maci famous.

Another strange difference was that Maci, Ryan and others actually made reference to Teen Mom, which went off the air last fall. (Not that their comments about it was a bad thing! It was actually refreshing for them to address something that has obviously played large roles in their lives.)

Similar to Teen Mom, Being Maci wasn’t without a bit of controversy. Many people disapproved of Maci’s decision to spank Bentley during one scene. The social media protests were apparently so loud that Maci defended her actions by tweeting, “I got my spanked as a kid for being a brat when i knew better.. so questioning this is questioning my parents and i take offense to that.”

Maci's Son Bentley Now
There was also some questionable editing, particularly when it came to explaining why Ryan’s girlfriend, Dalis, was going out-of-town. (As we learned from catching up with her, Dalis was visiting her ailing mother in California and Ryan cheated on her.)

Even with the differences and controversy considered, it seems thousands of viewers are keeping their fingers crossed Being Maci gets picked up as a full series. In fact, a little Twitter petition we started for it has been retweeted nearly 2,000 times:

The show was also praised by many fans as being a better depiction of teenage motherhood than Teen Mom, which jammed a lot into each episode by keeping track of four different women.

“Finally a young mother kicking a** and taking names,” one person commented on MTV’s website. “This is probably the most raw and real depiction of real life as far shows following mothers and their kids! Kudos MTV and Maci of course!”

Watch the complete MTV special here. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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