VIDEOS Teen Mom S3 E5 After Show and bonus footage

Amber Portwood bonus footage S3 E5

Wednesday everybody so that means we’re ready for another look at the Teen Mom After Show and bonus footage. As always we’ll include the full After Show in which Farrah, Maci and Catelynn (sans Amber who is in rehab) discuss the most recent episode and current life situations with host SuChin Pak along with a small live audience of young mothers:


Farrah gets into the revealed plans of her wanting to move and starting a new life. Although it seems like she has it pretty good with the help from her parents and the apartment she’s not satisfied in the fact that the situation is not normal. Farrah believes she came to depend too much on that support and it was a means for her parents to overcompensate for the loss of Sophia’s father Derek Underwood. She confirms that she has big dreams of opening a restaurant and that she’s head strong to get there and succeed.

Farrah then explains that her rekindled relationship with her sister Ashley was based on the fact that she wasn’t going to allow people to be with Sophia if they did not have a relationship with her. In a forced way it actually did manage to reignite a relationship between the sisters.


It’s about Ryan of course with Maci and she breaks down Bentley’s birthday party situation that lined up with Halloween. Maci tells Pak that Ryan refused to let Bentley hang out after the party and get dressed up in his costume to go see Maci’s parents because he was unable to see Bentley for his birthday party (It was Ryan’s weekend to have Bentley). Maci was tearful as she explained how it upset her that Bentley witnessed the fight, which the two had managed to avoid before. Being on his birthday it made things all that more apparent, according to Maci, that she needed to deal with Ryan.

Maci admits that she doesn’t communicate to Ryan how much those type of situations hurt her. She explained that she had not wanted to give Ryan the satisfaction of reacting to his actions but at some point it was just too much and she felt like she wanted to “strangle” him. At this point Maci lays it out straight as far as she sees it. Pak asks her if she’s considered going to counseling with Ryan and she responded by stating that:

“He doesn’t care. Ryan is the only thing that’s important. He does not give a damn, he does not care and like I’ve said I’ve just given up on him. I can no longer try to fix him because it does this (tears and an emotional wreck) to me. I’ve just had to accept to give up on him and hope that one day he will grow up and realize what he is doing.”


Catelynn discusses her and Tyler’s financial struggles that come along with getting your own place. Like most of us when we first get our own place they were overwhelmed with all the little things that add up. She added that after her and Tyler got jobs it made paying the bills a little easier (it usually does). She explained that she got out two days a week and made $8/hr. When Pak asked the audience who held down full-time jobs they of course almost all did. They are young mothers with a child after all.

In the bonus clip this week Amber discusses focusing on herself and not Gary in an expletive explanation to her friend Krystal. Her friend encourages her to get right with herself before trying to be with Gary Shirley. Amber explains, “I don’t know who the f**k I am!”