VIDEO Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall DVD commentary is awesomely bad

I’m a serious fanboy of people who realize that they have stumbled upon something viral video worthy and do the work to put it together for the rest of us to enjoy. A YouTuber by the name of buzzclickverifyme enjoys the insightfulness of commentaries that often accompanies the release of films on DVD. He knows one can glean quite a bit of valuable information in relation to the thought process behind films and how they get made by listening to directors and actors.

And then there is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s commentary for his classic action film Total Recall. Symbolism and extrapolation be damned as the Governator just literally tells you what you’re watching on the screen. It’s kind of like Mystery Science Theater 3000 minus any snark or irony.

Here’s the clip that buzzclickverifyme posted that features some of the highlights of Arnold’s thoughts in regards to Total Recall:

When Sharon Stone gives him an Ow My Balls shot and Arnold’s comment is, “Ow, that hurt,” I did every form and combination of LOLing there is. I now join a movement that is spreading based on this clip in which Arnold should provide audio commentary for each and every movie ever made.

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