VIDEO Allie Mendoza – Most shocking 16 and Pregnant preview clip ever?

Allie Mendoza's boyfriend's mother Yolanda attacks her in the Season 3 finale

I was casually watching tonight’s episode of 16 and Pregnant: Unseen Moments Special with Dr. Drew when he introduced a preview clip from the season finale episode starring Allie Mendoza that was nothing short of horrifying. In a scene that could have been lifted right from the movie Precious, Allie’s boyfriend’s mother erupts at Allie over an incident involving a banana – screaming some of the most spiteful and purely hateful things you could ever say to a human being.

Here’s the clip:

UPDATE – See photos and read backgournd info on Allison “Allie” Mendoza in our profile post HERE!

I never thought I would be saying this, but let me do a preview recap.

The scene starts off when Allie soft tosses a banana to her boyfriend’s little brother, who in turn hands it to his mother. Allie’s boyfriend’s mom (we still don’t know her name, so from this point on I will refer to her as Mo’Nique) gets upset at Allie for throwing the banana at her son. Allie points out that the banana didn’t hit him and Mo’Nique then gets upset that she hit the couch with it.

UPDATE – I have since found out that Allie’s boyfriend’s name is Joey and Joey’s mother’s name is Yolanda. I’ve noticed people referring to her on other sites as Mo’Mique and just Mo so I’m going to change out the names to eliminate any further confusion. Also, I’ve been told Joey’s little brother’s name is Damien.

As Yolanda begins to peel her banana things start to escalate…

YOLANDA: You get on my nerves Allison sometimes, you really do.

ALLIE: I don’t care.

YOLANDA: Well then you know what? You can go stay with your momma and your daddy.

ALLIE: You told me I could stay in your house, but you don’t take care of us. That’s why we’re over here.

YOLANDA: So? Why should I take care of you? You ain’t my daughter!

ALLIE: So you said you would.

YOLANDA: [at the same time] You are not my daughter girl! That’s my son.

ALLIE: I don’t care.

YOLANDA: And [inaudible] don’t throw sh!t in my face, so f**k you b!tch!

Allie Mendoza's bofriend's little brother covers his ears during his mom's tirade

ALLIE: I don’t care.

YOLANDA: You hear that? Get the f**k out! Get out!

At this point Yolanda charges at Allie and her boyfriend has to step in and push her away. (It should be noted that part of Yolanda’s banana hits the floor during the shoving match.)

Joey's mother Yolanda attacks Allie during the 16 and Pregnant finale preview

Something has clearly snapped in Yolanda and this is where her verbal attacks get very personal towards Allie, who apparently does not have a supportive family. Here are the lowlights from the rest of the clip – all quotes from Yolanda, the last of which is directed at her son:

“That’s why your momma didn’t want you and your daddy didn’t want you. You’re here because nobody’s around for you.”

“I’ll f**k you up and f**k her up too! I don’t give a f**k if she’s pregnant.”

“So what?!? I’m a dope fiend, b!tch, what?!? At least I see my f**king kids! What’s your parents’ problem? Huh? They don’t even do drugs and they don’t wanna see you.”

“If God would have shown me the future, I would have said, ‘You know what? Abort that child. Abort it.'”

16 and Pregnant's Allie Mendoza cries after being attacked by her boyfriend's mother Yolanda

Allie addressed the clip on her Facebook fan page by saying:

– I know Aydenn’z grandma isnt the best but Aydenn’z healthy &thats all that matters 🙂 Ps. That waz a horrible sneak peak lol.

Yes, Allie. Yes it was.