VANDERPUMP RULES returning again without Stassi Schroeder – do fans want her back?


Tom and Katie’s divorce. Lala and Randall (and Raquel and James Kennedy) ending their engagement. With a cast of broken hearts, Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules is set to be one of the series more serious seasons.

Time for a Change?

In the wake of all this angst, some fans wonder if the cast needs a shakeup. One name that’s been floating around is the OG #OOTD it-girl Stassi. Now Stassi Shroeder Clark, the former Vanderpump star is currently a wife to Beau Clark and mother to Hartford, born January 2021.

Considering the relationship status of the current cast, Stassi seems like one of the few who are settled into a happy family life. While some believe she’s just what the show needs, others still aren’t so sure.

Fired From Bravo

Stassi’s scandalous departure from Vanderpump Rules shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Schroeder Clark, along with (Kristen) Doute, were fired from the Bravo franchise after past racist actions against former co-star Faith Stowers resurfaced, along with other racially insensitive comments.

(In addition to calling the police on Faith, Stassi also made a comment about a “Nazi Chic” costume that she has since denounced and said she wholeheartedly regrets.)

Statement from Stassi:

Racially insensitive comments from my past have resurfaced. It is important that I continue to take accountability for what I have said and done, while pushing myself to do better. I have grown significantly from the person I was then, and I am still filled with remorse and regret for the hurt I caused. I am grateful for the people in my life that continue to check me and push me to evolve into a more educated person.

I also want to address my former castmate, Faith Stowers. My emotions over something that happened between our friends outweighed my logic, and there is no excuse for that. I did not recognize then the serious ramifications that could have transpired because of my actions. What I did to Faith was wrong. I apologize and I do not expect forgiveness.

I am also sorry to anyone else that feels disappointed in me. I am going to continue to look closer at myself and my actions – to take the time to listen, to learn, and to take accountability for my own privilege.

Schroeder Clark’s actions were serious enough to get her fired from the network and she hasn’t returned since. If Stassi were to come back to Vanderpump, it would be her first time on the show since 2020.

Difference of Opinion

A recent @RealityByAshley Twitter poll show fans are mostly favorable or indifferent to a Stassi return.

Some are ready for a Vanderpump rebrand ever since Stassi’s extensive apologies to both Faith and the fans.

However, there are still some who aren’t ready to forgive or forget. The comment section for the poll has its dissenters with valid concerns.

Vanderpump Lives On

Looks like the crowd is still split on this controversial figure.

Regardless of Stassi’s status on the show, it appears that Vanderpump Rules will keep powering forward. Season 10 is currently filming for Bravo.

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