Truth about Barbie’s body: Barbie proportions on a real woman’s body

Almost all girls grow up on Barbie. It’s just part of the deal, and we all know she looks ridiculous.

Even supermodels, even this woman. I think in that way Barbie doesn’t mess us up too bad, because we know she’s not even “aspirational.” There aren’t enough diets or plastic surgeries in the world that can make you “literally” look like Barbie. But still, there are the elements there that maybe make a girl feel strange about herself when compared with this factory made piece of plastic. The small waist, the impossible long, thin legs, the heart-shaped face. The perfect marbles for boobs.

It’s pretty weird to see Barbie’s dimensions drawn out on a real lady:

Barbie's proportions on a real woman

The woman in the photo is model Katie Halchishick, co-founder of It got attention when the Australian blog “So Bad, So Good” tweeted it.

One of the most startling things here is how small her chin is, and how BIG her eyes are. Barbie is practically an anime character. Another thing to note here is that the model’s (natural and lovely) lips are considerably larger than Barbie’s. That’s at least one thing we can’t blame on Barbie: the inflatable duck lip phenomenon.