VIDEO Dueling wedding receptions brawl leaves one dead in Philly

On what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of a couple’s life, things turned ugly at a Philadelphia hotel as dueling wedding reception parties got into a brawl that left one person dead.

The event went down at the Sheraton in the Society Hill section of the City of Brotherly Love. Dozens of people were involved as the fight spilled outside of the front lobby and into the streets. One irate hotel guest who was woken by the mêlée shot some raw footage of the fighting and posted it to YouTube.

Eyewitnesses stated that things got bad enough for the police to incite a 3rd assist, which is an all hands on deck request. One man was officially charged with assaulting a police officer while two other men were released with no charges.

Tragically, one of the bride’s 57-year-old uncles died after suffering a fatal heart attack during the ruckus.

Cops are not sure what instigated the whole thing at this point but can verify the obvious, alcohol was involved. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has watched the video and will get together with the D.A. about possibly filing charges against more of the brawlers.