Top Chef Masters’ Curtis Stone and Actress Lindsay Price Expecting Gorgeous Baby

Curtis Stone, host of Top Chef Masters, Biggest Loser, Bobby Flay

Curtis Stone is pretty. Very, very pretty. We all know that. In fact, I’m guessing I’m not the only Top Chef Masters/Biggest Loser fan who is getting a little weary of everyone’s inevitable comments about Stone’s looks. His fabulousness seems to stop all women and most men in their tracks the moment they see him. And, what’s worse, everyone seems perfectly comfortable announcing to him how gorgeous he is as a salutation. It is never, “hi, how ya doing?” or “pleased to meet you.” Instead, people greet Stone with “You are so gorgeous” and “Oh my God, you’re hot.” Who does that? I for one think it needs to stop.

Hot Curtis Stone and his hot wife Lindsay Price:
top chef curtis stone and Lindsay Price baby


So, while the big news today is that Stone and his girlfriend Lindsay Price are expecting a baby (who is sure to be stunningly beautiful), I’m a little excited about seeing Curtis with bags under his eyes a few months from now. Oh, I know there will be nannies involved, not to mention makeup; but a girl can hope. At least some of the women on his shows might think an extra second before gushing openly about his handsomeness . . . or not.

More Lindsay Price loveliness:
Curtis Stone's girlfriend, Lindsay Price is going to have a baby

Besides hosting Top Chef Masters and making regular appearances on the Biggest Loser, Stone was one of Bobby Flay’s partners in the competition show, America’s Next Great Restaurant. Price can be seen these days in her role as Liz on Love Bites; but, she’s been knocking around TV for more than 15 years, making appearances in everything from Frasier to All My Children to Lipstick Jungle.

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