16 & Pregnant’s Aubrey Akerill reacts to backlash from “Where Are They Now?” special

Aubrey Wolters Akerill from 16 and Pregnant

As evidenced by all of their explosive season finales, MTV likes to save the best most controversial til last. Such was the case on their 16 and Pregnant Season 2b “Where Are They Now?” Special that aired Sunday which wrapped up with a recently separated Aubrey Wolters Akerill celebrating St. Patrick’s day by talking about becoming a stripper and making out with a female companion while dancing on a pool table.

Prior to talking about getting naked for a living, Aubrey wanted to make sure everyone knew she was open-minded about her potential new mate as well:

FRIEND: So are you looking for a new boy any time soon Aubrey?

AUBREY: Who says it has to be a boy? Yeah, b!tches are hot. I’m just sayin’ you know, I have options. I don’t have to be with a boy, thank you!

That conversation eventually led to the topic of stripping:

AUBREY: So what would you guys think about if I were a stripper?

16 and Pregnant's Aubrey Akerill almost naked and partying with an older manFRIEND: I Think Brandon would kinda…

AUBREY: I’m not with him, who cares?

FRIEND: Yeah but still, you know you have a kid with him and you gotta deal with him.

AUBREY: I’m not like saying I’m gonna go and do it tomorrow, I’m just saying, you know, it is an option … and not only that, it’s really good money. That is a complete motivation. If I can support my child by being a f***ing stripper, why not?

FRIEND: Do you think you’d ever tell Austin when he gets older that you were a stripper?


FRIEND: He’d probably be like, “Yeah! My momma was a stripper!”

AUBREY: I know, right? Like “F*** yeah! My mom was MILF status!”

Aubrey Wolters Akerill from 16 and Pregnant kisses two guys at once
^ Aubrey impersonates the Blarney Stone at a St. Patrick’s Day party

Immediately after that scene the show cut to Aubrey and her friends drinking and having fun at a Saint Patrick’s Day party (keep in mind that Aubrey isn’t even 21 yet) at which Aubrey was the meat in a man kiss sandwich before hopping up on the billiards table for the now infamous reenactment of a Katy Perry video.

16 and Pregnant's Aubrey Akerill kisses a girl on a pool table
^ Aubrey Akerill’s infamous pool table dance and girl kiss

Just when it seemed like things couldn’t get any worse, Aubrey and her ex Brandon got into a heated argument in front of their son Austin in which both of them basically said getting married was a mistake and they knew it was a mistake at the time they exchanged vows. Aubrey used a lot of profanity and there was a moment when it appeared as though little Austin said, “F*** you.”

Needless to say, Aubrey suffered a tidal way of backlash in the wake of the episode airing – something she knew was coming when she posted on her Facebook wall before the episode aired, “Damn, about to be hella judged!!!!!”

I don’t think I need to quote any of the more hateful negative comments (I’m sure you can imagine fairly accurately what those say) but I figured I would toss in a couple of the slightly more “supportive” negative comments:

I do like you, you were one of my faves.. but you knew you would be filming and you just made yourself look bad.. obviously people only saw that one little bit of your life but you should have done what you normally do, bc you say you dont party much I wouldnt have chose filming day to party or talk about being a hooker..

she’s not a bad mother, she was just acting skanky. i have no doubt aubrey is a wonderful mama, you just REALLYYY need to do a favor for your family and clean up your act a bit. especIally when the cameras are rolling :/

And here is a collection of retorts from Ashley in no particular order, starting with a note she posted on her Facebook page that was sort of a summation of her defense:

This about sums it up…
by Aubrey Akerill official Fan Page <3 on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 12:43pm

Brandon & I have split custody, & any arguing was all in the heat of the moment when the cameras were present. I’m sorry but do NOT compare yourself to me… if your ever in the situation where your ex is sitting in front of a camera on national television saying that he never wanted to marry you to begin with…. maybe then you’ll know a little bit of how I felt at the present time. Only problem I had was caring to much about him to begin with, if I Didn’t care I wouldn’t have reacted the way I had. However the cussing that I did do in front of my child is definitely not reason enough to have him taken from me. As far as going out dancing occasionally, that’s my personal decision. & If in the mean time I make out with a hot girl on a pool table… once again MY Personal decision. Dancing is a great workout, & I’m not just f***ed up all the time. & I Never once have ever been intoxicated in front of my child, & it’s not going to happen either. It’s not like the only thing I do is party on the weekends… & it’s not like I makeout with girls all the time on pool tables. I get a lot of productive things done when I’m not with my son. Which you wouldn’t know because you DON’T actually know me. I know it’s hard to believe but not everything you see on reality t.v. is accurate. & also based on My weekend life is just that, I don’t bring it home with me.


You guys are all so ridiculous, with the gossip you write & the cruel words you have to say about/to us girls… Were still human… We still having feelings & adding a no offense in front of anything sure as f*** doesn’t make it not offensive. Would you want your children showing the same cruelty someday? As you all say we aren’t celebritys… Then quit acting like we are! All of us girls were sure as f*** not paid enough to be harassed & we are all just like you in a way so get a life outside of judging young girls who are going through a hard enough time, plz & thx.

[Comment about her note] Yeah, well I got sick of repeating the same things so I wanted to post a note. Won’t be defending myself at all after this. I was expecting it to blow up like this, I was prepared. Hopefully this will make some think a little more though, I actually only posted it after I heard about Amber attempting suicide. That’s so sad, & it’s still all anyone can talk about with harsh words. Cut the poor girl a f***ing break.

Aubrey Wolters Akerill in a sexy devil costume for Halloween
^ Aubrey Akerill in a foreshadowing devil costume for Halloween

And here are some more responses from Aubrey to various things…

Lmao, talk sh!t on it. I’m with my son all week minus a few hours on thursdays & that’s all I focus on. I party on the weekends. You can hate all you want, but that’s the truth.

I take him to do fun things all week long, I’m not working right now because I’m trying to get my health issues taken care of because I’m going to have surgery & will be out of commission. I don’t want to commit to an employer then just have to quit. So I spend all week doing fun things with him 🙂

Lol you saw me hooking up with people Valerie? Pretty sure I’ve been with one person since Brandon & I got divorced. I made out with some people there… all of which are friends. Lol I’m not a hoe & I’m not on drugs. Also Stephanie my son’s name is Austin not Liam.

Lol I will say this just once more… I have Austin ALL week long. mon-fri. brandon gets him for three hours on thurs. nights… Then picks him up at 5:30pm on fridays….. I’ve NEVER done drugs or been drinking in front of my son & never will. I was recently single & went out to have a great time on St. patricks day…..

Okay so encourage me to better myself, not say that I look like I’m on drugs and post extremely rude things on my FAN page not hater page.
My sons well being is certainly not at risk. I’ve never to this day even had a single drink around him & never will. We spend all week together & he is the light of my world.

Because you saw me drunk on television once… that makes me party ALL the time & a terrible parent?

There is a big difference between a hooker & a stripper for one. & Even if I was choosing that as a career path it would damn well be my decision just as any woman’s body & what she does with it is her decision. I wasn’t planning on actuall…y becoming one as I’ve said before.

Also I’ve never been drunk when my child is present or even home. I’m not putting him in jeopardy. I don’t drink that regularly anyhow, everyone just assumes that since I go out dancing that automatically makes me a consistent drunk or drug user.

You guys are acting like I’m the only mother under the age of 21 that drinks occasionally…. Which is certainly not the case. Or goes out occasionally in general.

[On Brandon]

Brandon’s not a jerk, Just wasn’t a very great husband. 🙂 Thank You though.

Of course, I tried to be. Cooked his meals, made his lunch, only started having a social life a month or so before we divorced & it’s because we were already having problems.

I didn’t say he was a bad husband just not a very good one. As said before we both had our flaws, I think it was also hard on us because he was working odd shifts & I Never saw him. Kinda put a dent on the romance level… Although there wa…sn’t any of that to begin with. Brittney being a housewife isn’t degrading but if that is ALL someone sees in you & nothing more… it becomes degrading. I ♥ being a stay at home mom I do all the same things a housewife would except I don’t have a man behind me not appreciating any of it. Everything I do is for my son. & i’m not a stripper, that was a joke that was taken way to seriously.

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