Top 10 quotes from the new Catfish Season 4b trailer

Catfish Season 4b Nev and Max


Season 4 of MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show returns July 8 and today the first official trailer for Season 4b hit the interwebs! As you might expect, the second half of the season looks to have all of the jaw-dropping, head shaking moments fans have come to expect to see, including a “50-year-old pervert” and…murder?

Here’s the clip, but as of the time of this post it is only viewable on the Entertainment Weekly website. 🙁 We’re hoping MTV drops the “exclusive” coding and allows it to be played on other sites later today:



And here are the Top 10 Quotes from the trailer:

10. “Who have I been talking to? Who am I in love with?!?”

9. “We’ve never been in a situation like this before.”

8. “Why are you still giving your love?”

7. “So if she tries to fight me, are you guys gonna hold her back?”

6.”It’s more than feelings. We’re supposed to be in love.”


Catfish 4b quote



5. “It’s really scary when you’re looking over your shoulder for somebody and you don’t even know who you’re looking for.”

4. “This is crazy. If she’s in jail, how’s she doing this?”

3. “Why are the cops here?”

2. “You were on the phone with someone as they may have been murdered?”


MTV Catfish 4b 50-year-old pervert


1. “We found the 50-year-old pervert! That is the picture of who you fear you are talking to on the internet.”

Catfish: The TV Show returns Wednesday, July 8 at 10/9c on MTV.

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