Catfish Antoinette’s instagram account, preview clip and spoilers

Catfish Antoinette sexy selfie

On the next episode of Catfish, titled “Instagram Crush,” we meet super sexy social media selfie starlet Antoinette Cuccia of Dallas, Texas who has been talking with fellow instafamous sexy selfier T-Lights, a rapper who makes up half of the duo The Twentys. The two met up via instagram where they have a combined following of more than 40,000 peeps, but T-Lights (real name Albert Ambrose) has balked each time the possibility of meeting up with Antoinette face to face arose. So, is it really T-Lights that Antoinette has been conversing with, or is she being catfished?

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Let’s kick things off with an extended preview clip of Antoinette’s episode in which Nev Schulman and Max Joseph talk to her via video chat for the first time before flying down to Dallas to meet her in person at Redneck Heaven where she works. (Yes, that’s the same restaurant as the one featured on MTV’s reality show Big Tips Texas, though they explain in the clip that it was a different location.)

I spent a lot of time researching Antoinette, which included looking at A LOT of photos of her wearing very little, and more than a few videos of Antoinette showing off her upside-down twerking skills (clips included below). I also did some research into T-Lights, who has offered no evidence online of being a master twerker, but who obviously is a legit musician with quite the devoted fan base (due in part I’m sure to the fact that he is, like Max Joseph says in the clip, “kinda like a more manly version of Justin Bieber”).

Here are tons of social media links (and more) for Catfish‘s Antoinette Cuccia and T-Lights:

Catfish Antoinette on instagram: @antoinettecuccia
Antoinette’s old instagram account: @twinpeaksgirl
Antoinette Cuccia on Twitter: @antttbaby
Antoinette Cuccia on Facebook
Antoinette Cuccia on Vine
Antoinette Cuccia on Youtube
Antoinette Cuccia on Tumblr

T-Lights on instagram: @princetlights
T-Lights on Twitter: @iamtlights
The Twenty’s on instagram: @itsthetwentys
The Twentys on Twitter: @TheTwentys
The Twentys on Facebook
The Twentys on Youtube: thetwentysofficial

And a gratuitous Antoinette lingerie selfie:
Catfish Antoinette lingerie selfie

So here’s what I’ve been able to piece together about what we can expect to happen on Wednesday night’s episode based on Antoinette’s social media activity over the last six months.

She is currently involved in a serious relationship with a young white rapper from New Jersey who goes by the name Nicky Primo. (Not to be confused with female rapper Nicky Primo Allen.) Although Nicky Primo claims to be a rapper, I couldn’t find ANY evidence of that online in the form of a video or even audio track.

According to Antoinette’s tweets, she was involved with Nicky for six months before finally meeting him in person in New York City on Valentine’s Day:

So what are we to make of the fact that Antoinette appears to have been in an online relationship with this Nicky Primo feller since well before the taping of her Catfish episode in December? My guess is that Nicky was pretending to be T-Lights and he was busted by Nev and Max at the Techno Tuesday event featured in the clip above. BUT, apparently Antoinette was willing to overlook the fact that Nicky was pretending to be someone else and the two continued their relationship online until they were able to finally meet up in New York City on Valentine’s Day.

Antoinette posted this next selfie on April 10 and mentions filming for MTV, so my guess is that the MTV cameras were able to catch up with Antoinette and Nicky after they became a real deal couple.

So this could be a rare Catfish occurrence where the person is being catfished but decides to continue the relationship any way!

Before wrapping up this post I feel I should mention a couple of things. Number one, Antoinette says she doesn’t actually work at Redneck Heaven at all:

Although Antoinette may not have worked at Redneck Heaven, she definitely worked at some bar where panties and a bra could be considered a uniform because she has lots of Vine clips posted from the bathroom talking about how boring work is, etc. If you take a look at Antoinette’s social media links above you will notice that her old instagram account is @TwinPeaksGirl. Twin Peaks is a restaurant chain very similar to Redneck Heaven with eight locations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and Antoinette definitely did work there at some point. I’m not sure if that’s where she was working at the time of the Catfish episode because her bathroom vine selfies ended well before then.

Wherever Antoinette works(ed), they sure are tolerant of being on social media while on the clock! Which I guess makes sense if it’s attractive women in their underwear talking about being bored. 😉 (You couldn’t script a better commercial for that kind of restaurant, right?)

I also wanted to mention that Antoinette had help becoming “instafamous” thanks to her attendance at a Justin Bieber meet and greet event at which she wore a pair of bunbelievable hot shorts:

But, point fingers and mock all you want because the power of hot shorts (when used appropriately) cannot be denied!

Antoinette was right about the haters, as evidenced by this tweet more than a week later:

I would be remiss if I finished this post without sharing Antoinette’s remarkable talent when it comes to twerking upside down — which, judging from this Youtube clip, can happen at any time and any place:

PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE say Antoinette gives a demonstration of her upside-down twerking skills for Max and Nev! Seeing Nev’s wide eyes and Max’s “OMG” face after that would be absolutely priceless!

Antoinette’s Catfish episode “Instagram Crush” premieres Wednesday, May 21 at 10/9c on MTV.

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