SEEKING BROTHER HUSBAND Kenya’s men are free to date & marry other women

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In the first preview trailer for TLC’s new polygamous dating reality series Seeking Brother Husband, viewers see Kenya Stevens and her two husbands on a couch as she explains: “Polyandry is the practice of one woman having multiple husbands, but those husbands cannot have any other partners.”

It appears that Kenya’s scene was cut off before she could continue to reveal that her relationships are not polyandry because everyone involved is free to date (or even marry!) whomever they want!

Kenya Stevens is the CEO of Progressive Love Academy and has written numerous books. She and her family have been very open about their polyamorous lifestyle for nearly two decades. She proudly promoted the Seeking Brother Husband preview trailer when it was released, but added this response on Twitter:

Kenya, her two husbands, Carl (aka Rakhem) and Tiger, and boyfriend Noble sat down with LaVar Walker for a lengthy YouTube interview in August of 2020. At the time, Kenya was living with Carl and Tiger in North Carolina, while Noble was living with his wife (life partner) in Atlanta.

“My husband, he has a woman in every state,” Kenya explains. “[Tiger’s] with all of my friends. Noble lives with his wife in Atlanta.” She goes on to say that Tiger has “four partners in Asheville.”

Noble tells LaVar that he has a life partner and “several other ladies” in addition to Kenya.

I would have to assume that Kenya’s tweet about how her family is represented on Seeking Brother Husband is just in reference to the preview trailer. I don’t believe there is any way that TLC could gloss over their very open relationships. Plus, Kenya’s “co-wife” Corina (who is also “married” to Carl) has stated on social media that she will be featured this season.

[Let’s just take a moment to bow our heads together and pray that producers don’t try to present Corina as some sort of big surprise or an ex that Carl promised not to speak with any more. 🙏]

UPDATE – I didn’t realize when I wrote this post that Kenya’s boyfriend Noble was going to be on Seeking Brother Husband… dating another woman! Click here to get the scoop on Noble and Chara. Was he dating both women at the same time?!

How did Kenya and Carl become polyamorous?

Towards the beginning of the interview with LaVar, Kenya and Carl (aka Rakhem) share the story of how they first began considering adding another adult to their relationship.

I will set the stage a bit by revealing Kenya and Carl married in August of 1995 and they share three children that are all college-aged or older now. “I was married to Rahkem,” Kenya begins. “We were in our 11th year of marriage and he came home from work one day and he was really enthusiastic about a woman that he met at work.”

“Well, at the time we had considered sort of polygyny, but he wanted me to be excited about him liking this girl at work. And I was excited. I wanted to meet her and we did go to dinner. I was open-minded, but once he got really serious about thinking about that direction, I said, ‘Well, I’m going to want to have other partners too.’ And he immediately said…”

Kenya looks at Carl. “No,” he filled in. “I said f*** that…I’ve heard of polygyny, like one man having many women. I’ve never heard of a woman having multiple men. So, I basically shut that down.”

Carl says it took a while before they were able to explore the notion again. “It took us a few years to kind of talk about it — you know, go through it. And eventually, after two years, we decided to open up our marriage.”

Host LaVar laughed about Kenya winning the argument, and he asked if she liked the woman Carl was interested in. Kenya’s response included her frustration with the usual double standard when it comes to plural marriage and open relationships.

“I liked her a lot,” Kenya says of her husband’s love interest. “I don’t like polygyny. I don’t like the concept of men believing that — first of all, my sex drive is 10 times higher than any man I know. Also, my drive for attention and my drive for, you know, comfort and company. So why would I then split my husband’s time with a woman, and I don’t get to also have other friends? That doesn’t make mathematical sense.”

Here’s the full video with LaVar Walker:

And here’s a more recent interview that Kenya, Carl and Tiger did with Daily blast Live:

Seeking Brother Husband premieres Sunday, March 26 at 10/9c on TLC.

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