SEEKING BROTHER HUSBAND Noble dated Chara AND Kenya. At the same time?!

Seeking Brother Husband Noble dated Chara and Kenya

One of the women featured on TLC’s new reality series Seeking Brother Husband is Chara, who has been married to a man named Patrick for 13 years. Chara and Patrick “have drifted apart, but stayed together because of their emotional bond,” their TLC bio reads. “So, they sought out a partner to fulfill Chara’s needs and met Noble.”

Having multiple men in a relationship might be something new for Chara and Patrick, but it isn’t new for Noble as he has dated their Seeking Brother Husband co-star, Kenya Stevens!

In our previous post about the fact that Kenya’s men are allowed to date other women, we shared a video of an interview with her recorded in August of 2020. Also participating in the interview were Kenya’s two husbands, Carl (aka Rakhem) and Tiger, as well as their current boyfriend at the time — Noble Ward!

Here’s the interview, followed by an Instagram post by Kenya from the same month:

It is revealed in the interview that Noble is dating Kenya, but he has a wife that lives in Atlanta. Noble says that he was living with his wife and her “legal husband” in Atlanta at the time of the interview. Wait… Was Noble dating Kenya while living with (and “married” to) Chara?!

Chara first appears in Noble’s Instagram feed in October of 2019. He posted a photo with Chara in September of 2020 (after the interview above) and shared this lengthy caption of appreciation:

I really love this woman right here. Chara ******** goes harder for me than anyone I’ve ever dated. She challenges me in a way no one else does and my heart is filled with gratitude for her presence in my life.

The last year has had ups and downs for us both, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! I love her voice when she called me “Nobee” I love the look in her eyes and her smile when I walk into a room. I love her dedication and passion, and how when she knows what she wants she gets what she wants.

It’s not easy loving a very polyamorous man like me (I’m a bit of a hoe) but she’s stuck with me even when it would’ve been easier to cut me loose! I love her for how she sees things in me that many people overlook and I love how she believes in me more than I believe in myself most times. I also love that she’s stubborn enough to push me when times get hard and even though my (hoeish) ways can hurt, she has been committed to our love and hasn’t left me.

Could she upgrade to someone better than me sure, she could’ve seen me as a starter kit and moved onto the next, but she didn’t! This picture was taken on our one year anniversary of the day we met, and our first trip together. This woman loves me…..hard. And I love her back as much as I can love anyone! She’s my lady, my baby and forever forever my 🌻

So yes, it does appear that Noble was dating Kenya and Chara at the same time! It’s unclear if that fact will be included on Seeking Brother Husband.

Kenya has strongly hinted that producers will be trying to edit out the fact that her men are free to date other women. If that’s the case, then I can’t imagine they will want to disclose the fact that Noble was dating Kenya and Chara — unless they attempt to turn it into a “big secret” reveal.

Kenya and Noble

Noble has known Kenya for a long time, and he credits her with changing his life. In July of 2021, Noble wished Kenya happy birthday on Instagram. He wrote that Kenya “came into my life almost 10 years ago now and changed me forever.”

On a separate Instagram account, Noble revealed that he met Kenya the same night as her husband Tiger! Here’s part of Noble’s caption from that post, shared in May of 2021:

Fun fact is that both her second husband (Tiger) and I both met Kenya on the exact same night at the same party.

Its been almost 9 years since I met her and my life couldn’t have changed more drastically. She’s helped me in many way, almost too many to count. She’s a woman I will ever be in debt to thanks to the work she’s done over her live developing a unique philosophy on love and relationships. She’s helped thousands of people and she’s given me the skills to do the same.

Thanks to Kenya I’ve started my own coaching services where I help women develop their queendoms and men stand in integrity!

To find out whether or not TLC will included Kenya and Noble’s relationship on Seeking Brother Husband, be sure to tune in for new episodes airing Sunday nights at 10/9c!

Noble dated Carl’s wife too?

After publishing this post, I discovered that the polyamorous dating pool around Atlanta is even smaller than I thought. As we revealed in our previous article about Kenya, her first husband, Carl Stevens, has another wife named Corina.

Kenya shared an Instagram post in July of 2021 revealing that Corina was dating Carl and Noble at the time. Corina has indicated on Facebook that she will be featured on Seeking Brother Husband, so it should be interesting to see how all this plays out on screen!

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