PHOTOS Subway’s Jared Fogle packs on the weight!

Jared Fogle

It looks like someone has been getting his five dollar footlongs from Chubway! Subway’s spokesman for weight loss via sandwich consumption Jared Fogle arrived at the Miami Airport Sunday November 29 looking a lot like his old self, and in Jared’s case, that isn’t a good thing. Here’s the infamous photo of Jared holding his old XXXL jeans, which I’m hoping he held on to because he might need them again soon:

Jared Fogle's famous big pants photo

This sucks! I consider myself the picture of perfect health and that’s because I eat a footlong oven-roasted chicken breast sandwich on wheat bread about every 12 days. Does this mean I am not physically fit? Am I going to get fat?!? Darn you Jared! Is there someone I can sue?!? OK, calm down – the doctor said I should watch my blood pressure…

Another bit of tarnish on Jared’s shine is that fact that he appears to have only one set of airport clothes. Here’s a photo taken in January of 2007 at an airport in Chicago. (To read the “story” behind the photo, check out

Jared Fogle wearing the same number 44 jesey in 2007

Sadly, I’m guessing that jersey is the only shirt he has left that fits.

****Note – I am aware that the jerseys are actually different, so you soldiers in the Jared army need to calm down!

Here’s another parting shot of Jared in Miami:

Subway spokesman Jared Fogle

Apparently he he has an apple body shape and all the weight he gains goes right to his…sternum?

Top and bottom photos: Crockett/Tubbs – Flynet Pictures. (By the way, these are my new favorite photographers! Last week I noticed Flynet was getting all these photos of C-list celebrities in Miami and when I saw the photo credit I literally laughed out loud! Crockett and Tubbs are the bomb! Now, if only Gloria Estefan or Dan Marino could only do something someone cared about…)

UPDATE – Here’s a video from MSNBC addressing the Jared Fogle weight gain issue. What’s funny is that they claim the photo was taken by a blogger. Sorry Crockett and Tubbs!

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