VIDEO Michigan teacher accused of extra curricular activity with multiple students

In a sad trend, Marcie Rousseau of Freeland, Michigan is the latest teacher embattled in a sex-with-underaged-student scandal.  For Rousseau her charges are especially alarming as police are claiming that the Freeland High School teacher had numerous sexual encounters with a 16-year-old student that involved car trips across county lines.  In addition, there are now accusations that Rousseau had sexual relationships with at least two other students prior to this most recent tryst.

Rousseau, 33, has been charged with 29 counts of sexual misconduct in two different counties.  The victim is the son of a law enforcement officer.  Prosecutor Angelina Scarpelli told HLN that there could be two additional victims dating back to 2002.  In addition, ABC 12 News in Mid-Michigan is reporting that it’s possible that a school administrator was aware of an inappropriate relationship before any investigation began.

Here is the report filed by ABC 12 News:

“She actually brought the student here in her car to Midland County to the Midland Resort Hotel, as well as the Holiday Inn, as well as there were numerous places in the county where they would have sexual acts in her car.” – Midland County Assistant Prosecutor Angelina Scarpelli 

Rousseau was placed on administrative leave back on February 16th while police investigated the allegations.  She officially resigned from her teaching position at Freeland High School on June 16th.  She was released on bail on Tuesday after entering not guilty pleas.

Scarpelli thinks that the relationship was a poorly kept secret.  “We do believe that there were some people who knew these things were going on,” she said.