The Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal TikTok meme is from this movie

There’s this amazing TikTok meme of Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal riding together in a car that can be applied to a plethora of relatable scenarios and vibes. Where did it come from, though?

The basic gist of the meme is that it represents a very specific type of reaction and mood between too people. Both Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal look manic and unstable, but in different ways.


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Nicolas Cage looks exhausted and scared and Pedro Pascal, who is driving the car, looks delusional and euphoric.

The clip is unhinged and completely relatable, and it still seems like it’s from a movie you’ve seen even if you’ve never seen the movie. In fact, not many people have seen it as is kinda flopped at the box office when it debuted last year.

It’s called The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (affiliate link) and it has a strange, self-aware concept. In the film Nicolas Cage portrays a fictionalized version himself with his own name. Sometimes actors play character influenced by their real life with different names, but in this case it’s Nicolas Cage existing in a made-up world.

In the movie, he’s on the verge of financial ruin and decides to get paid $1 million to attend a fan’s birthday party. This fan is a billionaire named Javi Gutierrez, and is played by Pedro Pascal.

The song in most popular version of the meme “Make Your Own Kind Of Music” (affiliate link) by Mama Cass.

The meme first appearing on TikTok and other social media via a clip from the film, but it really exploded when it started being used in the CapCut app because Nicolas and Pedro are cut out and can be placed on any back ground.

People can even add different music to the visual meme.

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