The Bachelorette 7 spoilers: Investment banker Bentley Williams’s daughter Cozy is a heartbreaker

2011’s The Bachelorette Season 7 with Ashley Hebert premieres tomorrow night, and we get to watch 25 producer-prodded strapping young men try to stand out from the crowd. One gentlemen gets so drunk he passes out, another tries a set-up a la Emily Maynard, but instead of a slap, he gives Ashley a big ole smooch. Yet another wears a mask.

But one of the top dramas of the evening is when Ashley tells Chris Harrison that a fellow Bachelor contestant (Reality Steve is hinting at Michelle Money) alerted her that one of the boys was “there for the wrong reasons.” This informant knew this because she was close to his ex-wife in Salt Lake City.

Bentley and his ex

The vying bachelor in question is Tampa-native Bentley Williams, who now is an investment banker in Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s divorced, and has one daughter with his ex wife: Cozette, nicknamed “Cozy.” Instead of sending him out the door for being there for the wrong reasons, Ashley hangs on to Bentley because she likes him. (I, for one, would turn Bentley away because I only have room in my heart for one reality TV star named Bentley!)


According to Bachelor spoiler extraordinaire Reality Steve, Ashley’s affections for Bentley backfire when he leaves the show during the third episode, saying that he can no longer be away from Cozy. One, because she’s his daughter, and two, because her name sounds so nice. Seriously, who would ever want to leave Cozy behind. Is his ex-wife named Hot Chocolate? Nevermind, that’s another nickname for another time.

The plot thickens, because Bentely reportedly returns on episode 6, but doesn’t get to stay. RS doesn’t know what he came to talk about, or if he even wanted to stay; either way he goes on back to Salt Lake City to investment bank and snuggle with Cozy.

More info about Bentley Williams: He likes dates that are a “nice temperature,” and the craziest thing he’s ever done was drive 40 hours straight. Now he can claim that the craziest thing he’s ever done was take part in a Bachelorette subplot.