The Bachelorette’s Ty Brown music videos

Ty Brown and The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky

In the second episode of season six of The Bachelorette country sanger Ty Brown pitched some Nashville woo at Ali Fedotowsky by pickin’ a geetar and singin’ the song “Living in the Moment” during the calendar shoot group date at the beach.

Though his primary occupation is as an orthopedic device salesman in Nashville, his dream is to become a professional country singer. Although Ty’s MySpace page was never deleted (like most of the contestants on the Bachelorette and The Bachelor), it didn’t have any samples of his music. But, it appears as though his public relations team has been hard at work, and in addition to the website, they have launched Ty’s very own YouTube channel with samples of some of his recordings as well as behind-the-scenes video shot by Ty.

Here he is in the studio performing the song “Wanted Man:”

In the comments section it says, “I got this song from some friends here in Nashville and new the first time i heard it that it was going to be a hit… Glad you guys like it.. I promise it will be on ITunes before you know it.. Thanks so much”

Here’s Ty and a musician named Charlie changing up the key on “Wanted Man:”

Here’s a sample of Ty Brown performing George Strait’s “The Fireman” live at the historic country bar Tootsie’s:

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No offense to Ty, but in my mind there will only be one “Wanted Man” in the world of country music. Written by Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash performed the fugitive ballad at his historic Live at San Quentin concert back in 1969:

That’s over 40 years ago, hoss!