The Bachelorette 7 spoilers: Who does Ashley choose? Who wins? Is Ashley Hebert engaged?

Reality Steve has struck again with final spoilers for The Bachelorette.  After a really stellar spoiling record, he’s recently slipped up a bit, so there is reason to be a little wary. He was right about the final two on the last seasons of The Bahchelor and The Bachelorette, but was wrong about the final outcome. This time, he’s waited a bit to reveal his spoilers, but of course we can’t be sure until the final episode airs August 1.

Two episodes have aired so far, and we’ve seen Ashley deal with a lot of TV antics. There is a dude “hiding” behind a mask because he wants Ashley to love the “real him.” The mask doesn’t even cover most of Jeff Medolla’s face, but it seems to alter his behavior more, which defeats the point. He spends most of his time creeping around balconies and brooding in the corner because the other guys are freaked and don’t ask him to join their board games.

Then there is Bentley Williams. He isn’t into Ashley at all, and relishes in telling the camera exactly that behind her back. He was even keen to make-out with her for a bit after she begged him to stay, and then brutally dissect the kissing session for the audience: “It started out good, but it sucked towards the end.” On the next episode, he just takes off and leaves, claiming that he wants to spend more time with his daughter Cozy. Both Michelle Money and Chris Harrison reportedly warned Ashley about Bentley “not being there for the right reasons,” but she soldiered on with Bentley because she actually really liked the guy. Unfortunately she lost that gamble, and Christ Harrison told the press that Ashley got so distressed that the show almost ended right there:

“You will see the wheels completely come off this ride for Ashley — so much so we came very close to having to shut down production on our show. There was a very real chance that Ashley was done and so was this season.”

With all of this silliness, it’s hard to believe that a girl would trust any of the group of guys on The Bachelorette cast, much less get engaged to one of them. According to Reality Steve, however, she did choose one of the guys, and she’s currently engaged to be married.

The Bachelorette's J.P. Rosenbaum of Roslyn New York

The lucky man is reportedly NYC construction manager J.P. Rosenbaum (above – click photo for a little more info), who faces off with winery owner Benjamin Flajnik at the end. The final four is reportedly rounded out by Ames Brown, who leaves after hometown dates, and Constantine Tzortzis, who heads home to Georgia after the overnight visits.

We don’t know a lot of about the final guy, which is probably a good sign for Ashley. He doesn’t have any arrests (that we know of), or previous attempts to be famous under his belt, so he might just be a regular, down-to-earth guy who would make a great mate.