Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards and girlfriend Dalis Connell break up

Ryan Edwards and girlfriend Dalis Connell split up

In case you were wondering what that earth-rumbling noise was earlier today, that was the collective screams of thousands of young ladies who just read Teen Mom star (and the franchise’s biggest male heartthrob) Ryan Edwards’ tweet, “Well I’m single and ready to mingle ;)” That’s right, Maci Bookout’s ex has broken up with his girlfriend (and starcasm fave) Dalis Connell.

UPDATE (May 15) – And now they’re back together.

The news comes just about a year after the two began dating in the summer of 2011, which is a pretty serious amount of time when you’re 19. In all honesty, outside of Catelynn and Tyler, Ryan and Dalis seemed to have the healthiest relationship of any couple on Teen Mom or Teen Mom 2 – at least according to what we were able to see and read through their public interactions on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Dalis and Ryan were constantly sharing joyous photos and videos (including lots with Ryan and Maci’s son Bentley), and their interactions were always pleasant and good-spirited. The couple even maintained a level of pleasantness immediately after the breakup – nothing like the atomic meltdowns we’ve grown accustomed to.

Ryan Edwards Dalis Connell break up tweets

Dalis went so far as to confess that she thought she would marry Ryan some day:

The only bitterness came a little later when Ryan offered up this enigmatic tweet:

It seems to hint at a bit of animosity between him and Dalis, but without any specifics it’s hard to tell if that’s what he’s referring to or not. (Heck, it could have been about Bentley not fessing up to spilling a glass of juice for all I know.)

Although the break up is a bummer, and I’m sure the haters will have all sorts of things to say about the hundreds of girlfriends Ryan keeps parading into and out of Bentley’s life (not true obviously), it’s just a part of life. People date and people break up sometimes – especially when we’re young. (How many of you over 25 are still with the person you were dating when you were 19?) Ryan and Dalis seemed very mature in their relationship and from all appearances it seemed like a positive thing, not only for them, but for Bentley as well.

Check out this photo of the three of them together, this time featuring Dalis as a brunette:

Ryan Edwards, his son Bentley, and ex girlfriend Dalis Connell

On a side note, Dalis’ relationship with Ryan wasn’t the only thing that got totaled this weekend. The 20-year-old track star was involved in a car accident Saturday night that left her uninjured (thankfully), but resulted in her car being hauled off to the junkyard:

We wish Ryan and Dalis the best – and look forward to “posthumously” getting a chance to meet Dalis on the upcoming Teen Mom Season 4 premiering June 19. (MTV desperately needs to cut down the lag time between when they film and when they air! With Jersey Shore it seems like just a matter of weeks!)

UPDATE: They’re back together! We’re currently working on a new article about their reconciliation