Teen Mom’s Catelynn and Tyler reveal difficult past with drugs and molestation

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been through ups and downs since they won everyone’s hearts when they placed their first child Carly in an adopted home. They’ve recently given birth to their second child Nova, and have come a long way from their upbringing. In their new memoir, Conquering Chaos, the pair get more candid than ever before about the troubles of their pasts.

Catelynn writes that she grew up with alcoholic parents, including a father who also did crack and spent most of his time in jail. “It was chaos all the time. I didn’t like it, and I didn’t thrive on it, but I was familiar with it. It was normal to me,” Catelynn writes.

Tyler’s father, Butch, was also addicted to crack, and Tyler grew up around different men coming in and out of his mother’s life. In this environment, Tyler says he starting, “drinking, smoking weed and cigarettes and taking drugs by age eight.”

The pair met when they were only twelve and immediately fell for each other and started to have sex early. Tyler saw her one day at school, and walked up to take her hand, and they’v stayed together ever since. “Her smile lights up the room and her eyes are beautiful piercing gray. Plus, she’s got bigger t**s than any other girl in the seventh grade,” Tyler wrote about first meeting his love.

They also decided to engage in a physical relationship at a young age, ten months after they got together. “Our decision to have sex — and the way we handled it — brought about a consequence that changed our lives forever,” they write.

Tyler had been molested by sister’s friend just a few years before, when he was only nine. The experience left him confused about appropriate sexual behavior, and he’s been wanting sex from his peers ever since.

After they became sexually active, they “did it all the time,” and used the pull out method instead of using condoms or birth control. “We would drink and party together and fool around constantly, all the time. Unfortunately, we were not being safe at all,” Tyler says. We just didn’t feel like we had to. My parents hadn’t given me a real talk about it yet, and Cate’s parents hadn’t given her a talk. We went through sex education and everything, but I sort of thought I was an expert already.

The pair had both been introduced to drugs at a young age with their parents, and had experimented themselves. Catelynn started getting high on Unisom and Ritalin, and Tyler had experimented with drinking and huffing air duster.

Together, they would Robotrip (drinking large quantities of cough syrup,) and Ecstasy. “Basically, anything we could get our hands on to get high with, we’d do it,” Catelynn revealed.

“We never really drank much, funny enough. We did everything else we could get, huffin’, snorting pills, smoking weed, we were all about that stuff. But even our friends weren’t really drinking. Why drink when you can huff air duster?” she writes.

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